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The iconic Winning Appliances Redfern showroom is our flagship store. Situated on Danks Street, the Redfern showroom took over the business of the first Winning Appliances showroom ever, which was originally located on Clarence Street in the Sydney CBD.

With a focus on high-end appliances, the Redfern showroom is the favoured choice of many architects, designers and kitchen companies throughout Sydney. Whether you've been directed to Redfern by one of these professionals or just want to see our range of appliances for yourself, you can expect to receive expert care from our Winning Appliances staff, both before and after sale.

It's easy to get to the multi-level Redfern showroom, complete with its own reserved undercover parking. Once there, you'll be able to access a wide range of kitchen and laundry appliances, including Sub-Zero refrigeration and Wolf cooking appliances; brands that are exclusive to Winning Appliances. To get a feel for which brands are best for you, consult one of our salespeople for expert, unbiased advice, or drop by for one of our regular cooking demonstrations to see the products in action!

If you're located anywhere in Sydney, you're welcome to drop by Winning Appliances Redfern to check out our expansive range of local and international brands. Whether you've already got a project on the go, or are just thinking about starting one, Winning Appliances has the products and the expertise to save you time and hassle.


18 Danks Street
Redfern NSW 2016


P: 02 9694 0000
F: 02 9694 0099

Trading Hours:

Monday - Friday
9am - 6pm
Saturday - Sunday
9am - 5pm


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Meet the Manager

Jeff Briggs is the manager of the iconic Redfern store, and he's been with Winning Appliances for over 9 years. "I like the way Winning Appliances does business, it has a very compassionate side to it - it's a good all-round company," he says.

It's the outstanding customer service which makes the Winning Appliances shopping experience unique. "The most satisfying part of my job," Jeff says, "is seeing a customer who comes into our showroom looking a little confused or overwhelmed - and later leaving with a smile because they have received great service and have been able to make their selection without being put under pressure."

The amount of repeat customers Jeff sees coming into the store is testament to the high standards of service delivered. In attaining these standards, Jeff emphasises the importance of ensuring the sale of each appliance meets all of the customer's requirements. Having comprehensive product knowledge helps. "For example," he says, "if someone is looking at purchasing a cooktop and needs to be able to able to simmer - then we can tell them an induction cooktop will allow superior simmering."

And the service doesn't stop at the time of purchase. Indicative of Winning Appliances' commitment to great service, he says, are its service departments. "People know they'll be looked after, even after the sale," he says.

Clearly a man very savvy about quality, convenience and performance in appliances, his favourite item on sale is currently the ScholtÈs MultiPLO Cooker which allows for steaming, roasting, deep frying, slow cooking and boiling - all from the one unit.

Kitchen companies, designers and architects often refer their clients to Winning Appliances because they know they'll be able to find the perfect appliances to suit their needs. And this ethos continues with Jeff and his team at Redfern who are dedicated to helping customers find the best product to suit the dimensions of their home, as well as their budget and their style.