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We have 3 Dryers categories to choose from:

The best clothes dryers for your home can be found in your nearest Winning Appliances store. Every major brand offers different models that are easy to use and offer superior and efficient performance. Find the dryer that’s best for your home in one of the following categories:

Get convenience and value from your dryer

At Winning Appliances, we only stock the latest model clothes dryers from the most trusted brands. Our goal is to help you find a dryer that cares for your clothes and prepares them to suit your exacting standards.

What kind of dryer is best for me?

Dryers of many different sizes are available at Winning Appliances; make sure your choice will fit in your laundry! Apartment-dwellers may also want to look for a dryer with quiet operation.

Vented clothes dryers are typically the most affordable option, whether you’re looking at basic or deluxe models.

Condenser dryers do not require ventilation, so you can place them virtually anywhere in the house without having to worry about exhaust heat or steam.

Innovative drying cabinets combine the features of a tumble dryer and a clothes line, so you can dry bulky items and delicates at the same time.

Looking for a washing machine as well as a dryer? The simplest solution would be to invest in a washer/dryer combo to do all the work in one go, resulting in effortless convenience.