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The Lemair brand has been sold in Australia since 1956.

Offering a wide range of fridges, freezers, washing machines and bar fridges, Lemair is able to provide you with a straightforward appliance that suits your needs.

Lemair bar fridges have a achieved a degree of popularity in the Australian hotel sector, with the Sydney Hilton, Olympic Park Novotel and Star City Casino all making use of their hefty capacity and compact size. Some models include space for tall bottle and vegetable storage as well as a freezer compartment and icemaker. Bar-sized freezers are also available, as well as easily-drained chest freezers that keep your food at a steady -18 degrees.

Most of Lemair’s upright and bar-sized fridges and freezers feature reversible doors, making them easy to adapt for left or right hand door opening.

A 2.2kg Lemair washing machine uses approximately 70L of water in a full wash, weighs between 35 and 40kg, and is easily connected to standard high-pressure water supplies. It is designed to be perfect for use when camping, caravanning or otherwise travelling.

Compact and convenient with impressively large capacities, Lemair refrigerators, freezers and washing machines provide you with no-fuss solutions wherever you may need them.

Our customers have found the Lemair range of bar and upright fridges as well as washing machines to be good value for money, offering everything needed to do the job asked of them.

Compact and convenient, Lemair bar fridges and chest freezers are perfect for storage in tight or out of the way places, including sheds and caravans.

The caravan lifestyle is further enhanced by the Lemair washing machine, which is specifically designed for convenience while travelling.