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Founded in the 1940s, Smeg is Italy’s largest privately-owned kitchen appliances manufacturer, renowned worldwide for its innovation, style and engineering.

Smeg constantly breaks new ground in design originality and superior performance, elevating food preparation areas worldwide into architectural masterpieces. Whilst Smeg has a strong international reputation, its unique approach caters to the needs of the Australian home.

Smeg has spent decades developing its Thermoseal cooking system, which uses a combination of technologies to create a sealed and controlled cooking environment that produces superb results every time. By reaching the optimal cooking temperature quicker and using less power to maintain that temperature, the oven is more energy efficient. Smeg ovens also release less heated air containing moisture, oils and food particles, resulting in a cleaner kitchen.

Smeg PTSA burner assemblies ensure a completely vertical flame, with reduced side flame waste. With a Smeg steam range, giving you the option of using a dedicated steam-only oven or multifunction combination range, you can get all the convenience you need while remaining health-conscious. Advanced electronics systems allow for automatic preheats and predetermined cooking times and temperatures, giving you complete control at the press of a button.

A Smeg rangehood offers the most advanced air extraction technology in the world, with energy saving, reduced noise and increased capacity options, as well as automatic sensor controls that adjust speed based on detected vapours. Combine this with a home comfort setting that refreshes your kitchen’s air to remove lingering aromas, and your system will be as advanced as it is convenient.

With its sleek, stylish European looks and smart, designer finishes, Smeg appliances immediately stand out in terms of design, functionality and performance.

There are many things to love about Smeg’s range of appliances, which includes a product for almost every area of the Australian kitchen. Their distinctive appearance helps give your kitchen an impressive and unique style.

Customers have told us about how Smeg’s convection microwaves give them the versatility to cook however they want, and how Smeg ovens generate an even heat that lets them cook without stressing about keeping a close eye on their food. Smeg’s dishwashers help create a more pleasant kitchen environment thanks to their stylish stainless-steel finish and quiet operation.