Week 1

Discover the kitchen and laundry appliances that this week’s renovators chose for their kitchen and laundry projects. We’ve also created a moodboard to inspire your own home renovation!

Week 2

Check out the appliances this week’s contestants chose for the renovation of Brooke and Michelle’s 1920s family home.

Industrial style kitchen Smeg

Kitchen Inspiration

Small laundry Electrolux washer dryer

Laundry Inspiration

Week 3

This week, the contestants were inspired by Nancy and Dan’s ‘coastal chic’ House Rule and created bright and white rooms. Discover the appliances they chose here!

Week 4

This week it was Luke and Cody’s turn to take a week off from renovating while the other teams overhauled Luke’s home. Discover how the contestants added ‘city shine’ to this small country house.

Week 5

This week, it was Rose and Rob’s turn to have their home renovated. The teams created a bright and colourful home for the WA family.

Week 6

Claire and Hagan’s home behind the hairdresser’s got its own makeover this week. Here are the appliances the contestants added to the new floor of the “lego house”.

Congratulations to the winners Luke and Cody!!

House Rules Finale

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