Rye Bread with Sourdough and Neff Bread Spices

Rye Bread with Sourdough and Neff Bread Spices

Serves 1


Prepare the sourdough the day before by mixing the mother dough with rye flour and tepid water in a bowl. Cover the bowl and leave for 24 hours in a warm place.

Separate 50 gr of your sourdough for the future and keep in a screw-top jar in the fridge. Place the remaining 700 gr sourdough in a bowl. Add rye flour, spelt flour, spices, yeast crumbs, honey and 300 ml tepid water and knead the dough until smooth.

Place bowl in oven for 20 minutes at dough proving level 1. Take out and knead salt into the dough. Sprinkle flour on your worktop and form the dough into a round loaf. Place on a baking tray with parchment paper and a bit of flour. Bake for another 20 minutes at dough proving level 2. Turn off oven and leave inside for 40 minutes. Take out baking tray, cover bread with a tea towel and keep at a warm place.

Place ceramic baking stone on shelf position 1. Preheat to 275°C for half an hour with pizza baking programme. Adjust the shape of the loaf with your hands, cut into the crust with a sharp knife and sprinkle flour on it.

Place on the hot stone and bake for half an hour at 220°C with medium steam. Briefly open oven door to remove humidity. Turn off oven and leave bread inside for another 20-30 minutes. Cool down completely on an oven grid.


Sourdough seed
50 gr sourdough (home-made, or
from your local bakery or shop)
375 gr rye flour (Type 1150)
375 ml tepid water

Bread dough:
350 gr rye flour (Type 1150)
300 gr spelt flour (Type 630)
2 tsp Neff bread spice
20 gr fresh yeast
1 tbsp honey
300 ml tepid water
20 gr salt