Succulent Chicken with Celeriac Remoulade

Succulent Chicken with Celeriac Remoulade

From Mark Best


For the Succulent Chicken
• Heat the AEG ProCombiPlus™ Steam Oven to 69°C on the Sous Vide function.
• Using sharp kitchen scissors, cut down each side of the chicken back bone.
• Discard or use in a stock.
• Turn the chicken over and press flat. With a sharp kitchen knife, cut through the centre of the breast bone to divide the chicken into two halves.
• Finely chop the garlic, thyme and eschallots and mix with the pepper and olive oil.
• Spread evenly over the chicken then sprinkle with salt.
• Place each chicken half into a separate sous vide bag and using the AEG PrecisionVac™ SousVide Vacuum Sealer Drawer, individually seal each bag on full pressure.
• Place the sous vide bags into the oven and steam for 1hr 40minutes.
• Remove from the oven, chill in iced water then refrigerate until required.

For the Celeriac remoulade
• Peel back the rough skin of the celeriac and run the flesh through a mandolin to make flat, thin sheets.
• Pile the sheets three or four high and julienne into thin strips.
• Place the julienned celeriac into a bowl and combine with enough mayonnaise to bind it together without being runny.
• Season with salt and pepper then add a few drops of lemon juice to taste.

To Serve
• Remove the chicken from the sous vide bags and slice the breasts into 4-5 pieces and the legs into joints. Serve beside the celeriac remoulade.

Recipe by Mark Best, AEG ambassador and award-winning chef of Marque and Pei Modern.


Succulent Chicken
• 1 x 1.6kg free range chicken
• 2 cloves garlic
• 1/2 bunch fresh thyme
• 2 eschallots
• 1/2 tsp freshly ground white pepper
• 50ml extra virgin olive oil
• 30gm Murray river salt

Celeriac remoulade
• 1 medium sized celeriac
• 3 tbs of homemade mayonnaise
• salt and pepper
• 1 lemon